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Eddie Olson Playing Coach

e olson
If the pre-season training period and the advance preparations necessary to produce a winner are any criterion, Fort Wayne fans can confidently place all of their yearnings and hopes on Eddie Olson, the new Komet Playing Coach.

Olson has taken over the leadership of the Komets and this marks his initial season. A veteran of ten years of American Hockey League warfare, Eddie, has written his mark in the records of Hockey during the past decade and, now, in his third year of coaching, will continue to set a successful pace and further enhance his growing reputation of being one of the finest in the business.

Eddie Olson is one of the very few American born boys to crack the higher echelons of Hockey. Born in Marquette, Michigan, he went on into the tough American League and while with the Cleveland Barons he led the American League on two different occasions in individual scoring and on another occasion was awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy. After leaving the Cleveland Barons, Olson joined the Victoria team of the Western League as coach. He is the only American born player who has ever been selected to coach a Canadian team in organized hockey. With a most successful season behind him, Olson left the Victoria organization to take over the Huntington team of the I.H.L. His record at Huntington is well known to hockey fans throughout the I.H.L. and his coaching ability gained the respect of the Komet management and a contract to lead the 1957-58 Komet squad.

We know that Eddie Olson will win your respect and your good wishes for a most successful season. Your solid support in back of Eddie will spur him on and on and prove to be a great lift for every man on the Komet squad.