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Toledo Shuts Out Komets, 4-0

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette Oct. 26, 1952
By Bob Reed
Toledo's champion Mercurys with a 3-goal attack in the second period, and backed by the stellar goaltending of Bill Tibbs defeated the Fort Wayne Komets in their first hockey venture of the International Hockey League at the Coliseum last night, 4-0 before a crowd of approximately 5,000.

Toledo scored its three first goals in a blistering second period when the Fort Wayne defense busted wide open. Until this point it was an even battle, but Tibbs, all-league goalie a year ago, was at his post. Time and again he stopped what looked like successful shots from the speedy Vic Demarco, Frank Facto, Doug Houston and Bob Braganola.

The game was enlivened in the final period with some real fisticuffs as George Burke of Toledo and Eddie Long of Fort Wayne and Paul Emms and Braganola began to flail away. The four got the major penalties and saw the rest of the game from that box. The goalies got the biggest workout of all in the first period. Alex Wood, the Fort Wayne coach who led his opponents to the title a year ago, guided them through a fighting and aggressive first period and they attacked throughout, using power plays for which Coach Wood is an expert. So rough was the first period that six hit the penalty box and both teams were skating short most of the time. Stan Fogg, Komet goalie, gained himself a gang of supporters by his defensive work at the nets. He had at least a half dozen fine saves. In the Komet offensive end Bob Braganola and Doug Houston were in the midst of the drives conducted by the Komets. It was after the first scoreless period, the more experienced and most-times speedier Toledo Mercurys cracked the Fort Wayne Komet defense wide open, scoring in 1:40 with Booth taking an assist from Cunningham. Then McCuaig, coach and player of the visitors, found the Komet defense open again and unassisted he connected at 3:56. The third Toledo goal of the second period for the Mercurys came with Bob Braganola in the penalty box, Booth getting an assist from Pontarollo at 14:25. The second period was a fast one and Bill Tibbs was kept pretty busy at the nets, making a reported 9 saves. Fogg had 6 for the Komets.

Fort Wayne- Goal: Fogg. Defense: Calhoun, Braganola, Smith, Wharton. Forwards: Graham, Facto, DeMarco, Long, Barber, Jago, Houston, Harrison, Drysdale.
Toledo- Goal: Tibbs. Defense: Nolan, McGrath, Lemoine, McCuaig. Forwards: Cunningham, Burke, Kovich, Pontarollo, Palmer, Booth, Emmis, Lynn.
First Period: Toledo 0; Fort Wayne; 0.
Penalties: Braganola and Palmer, 2:00; Lynn, 4:32; Smith, 8:32; Demarco 9:42; Cuningham, 10:27
Second Period: Toledo 3; Fort Wayne 0
Scoring: Booth assisted (Cunningham) 1:40; McCuaig unassisted 3:26; Booth assisted (Pontarollo) 14:25.
Penalties: Baragnola 13:10
Third Period: : Toledo 1, Fort Wayne 0
Scoring: Pontarollo assist (Lynn), 13:03.
Penalties: McCuaig 6:06; Booth 9:09; DeMarco 14:10; Burke and Long (Major) 15:10; Emms and Braganola (Major) 0:04
Toledo..................0 3 1 - 4
Fort Wayne..........0 0 0 - 0
Referee, Young; Headlinesman, Blackburn.