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k ullyot
In the summer of 1958, Fort Wayne, Indiana seemed a great distance from Prince Albert, Sask. All I knew at that time was that there was a job there to reorganize a hockey team that was in danger of folding. I accepted the invitation of Mr. Harold Van Orman and Mr. Ramon Perry to visit Fort Wayne, and discuss the future of both myself and the team: once I met these gentlemen, I knew that, with their faith in the * fans, and in the I.H.L., I had to try to turn the Fort Wayne hockey fortunes around.

Since accepting that challenge, this will be my 19th year of association with Fort Wayne hockey. True, there have been some low periods, but there have been some equally high ones during that time. In that first year, we just missed bringing a Turner Cup to Fort Wayne, losing the Championship Series in six games. The 1959-60 club had to be one of the finest teams I have ever coached in hockey. We set a league record that year for 102 points based on 50 wins, 16 losses and 2 ties in a 68 game season. It took until last year to wipe that record from the books; in a 78 game season for the Dayton Gems to amass

104 points, and they only won 47 of those games, tying 10.

In terms of players I have coached, or who have played for my clubs, it would be difficult to single out many of them. There were numerous outstanding and talented players during that time. Eddie Long and Len Thornson certainly were two of the finest, but I would hesitate to single out others.

Loyalty to the Komets has been outstanding, especially in several past seasons when our rebuilding program didn't reach expected levels. During the good seasons, when we were contenders or had championship clubs, all of hockey watched us with envy.

I would be remiss if I neglected to credit my working partner, Colin Lister with a large amount of the success of the operation of the Komet Hockey Club during this 19 year period. My commitment to the ice product left me little time to associate with you, the fans. Colin has done a superb job there, as well as his excellence in the business aspects of the game.

The management of the Komet Hockey Club would hope for an all-winning season for our 25th Anniversary Year. Such happenings cannot be guaranteed in sports promotion. I can assure you that Coach Ralph Keller and I will do all we can to present a winner. Our anguish at losing I am sure is much greater than even yours. Thank you for your past support. We anticipate an entertaining, exciting, hard working and winning team this season. We hope you enjoy every minute of every game.