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Scheduling in this league has always been an interesting area for comparison. True, every club plays 78 games, 39 at home and 39 on the road, but frequency of home and road games at any given time reflect on the league standings rather dramatically at any given time. For instance, between January 5th and the All Star break on January 18th . . . this is the way all clubs will play their schedules. When the All Star break arrives, let's see where each club sits in the standings.

First of all, the Fort Wayne Komets have the worst schedule of any club in either division. The K's show only two home games . . . and five road tilts to make up ground with. No team has had any superiority away from home. Can the Komets find some ... if so they could be in good shape at Star Time. The K's meet Toledo, Muskegon, Flint, Kalamazoo and Dayton away from home . . . not a soft touch in the bunch, while hosting Dayton and Saginaw. Toledo meanwhile has an even split . . . three at home and three on the road. The Columbus Owls have four home games out of six to play before All Star time. That could be a mixed blessing for Columbus . . . They haven't done that well at home. The Dayton Gems have three home games and four on the road before Star Time . . . and the Gems have been getting their lumps, especially on the road lately.

In the North Division, with the exception of Saginaw, all clubs have more home games than road games, or break even, in the case of Flint. Kalamazoo has five home games and only two on the road . . . one of them with the Komets. Flint is four and four, the Muskegon Mohawks are four at home and three on the road . . . the same setup as the Port Huron Flags. The balanced schedule for the North Division Clubs would tend to keep them at an advantage for the present time. In the South, only one club has more home games than road . . . Columbus, while in the North, three of the five clubs are home more than half the time.

Looking way down the pike... the final eight games for the, Komets could be the difference in their complete fate . . . as six of the final eight are at home . . . with the final week­end... Saturday and Sunday featuring Dayton and Columbus in that order. What a weekend that could be.

Incidently, the All Star game at Flint promises to be one of the finest hockey shows you've ever seen for a Star Game. If you have any chance at all to make the scene ... do so. The Komets have no home games all that week . . . with only a Sunday road game before, and a Saturday road game after. If you plan to make it, good advice would be ... get your tickets as soon as possible, while good ones still are available. You can call Ac 313/744-0072 for reservations and any other details needed to make it a complete day in Flint. They have a variety of tours of Auto Plants planned ... an exceptional All Star Luncheon . . . open to the public ... as well as an after-game social hour that could provide some pleasant memories for those who attend. Give a Flint All Star trip some serious thought . . . you'll enjoy every minute of it.