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Pictures The 1950s

Len Thornson in a 7up ad
Three of the Komets the one in the middle is Eddie Long.
Action 1953
Ernie Ashley the first voice of the Komets
Billy Short 1955-56
Edgar Blondin, a fan favorite in the 1950's
Voice of the Komets Bob Chase, used to practice with the team and played in an exhibition game.
Here is a shot of the Coliseum when it was new in
The outside of the Coliseum 1952
Eddie Olson 1957-58
John Ferguson
Komets from left to right Bob McCusker, Andy Voykin, and John Ferguson
An ad from a 1950's program for the Hobby House
Eddie Long scores against the Troy Bruins
Here is an ad from the late fifties for Kentucky Fried Chicken, on the rightis the late Dave 
Eddie Long 1958-59
Eddie Long
Larry McLaren, left, and trainer George Polinuk help injured Eddie Long off the ice
Eddie Long after he came back with 18 stitches in his head in a game against Toledo 
Dean McBride 1955-56
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