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New Komets wont usurp fans memories

First-year coach Alex Wood.
Mooee Lallo talking afterward in the trainer’s room about his defensemen not playing so good.
The Big Redhead in No. 11.
A1 Dumba’s class.
Taunts at Coach Ralph Keller from upper section 26 during another loss. “Fire ’em up, Ralph!”
The guy in section 4 yelling at refree Sam Sisco, “Sisco, you’re an idiot!”
Merv Dubchak’s slap shot.

Terry Pembroke's hip check.
Bobby Rivard filling the middle on a break.
Robbie Laird’s hustle.
Robbie Irons’ hands.
Ken Ullyot’s quote after being thrown out of his final game as coach: “The devil made me do it.”
Bob Chase standing in the press box.
Fans standing in their seats.
We could lose it all today. Some think we already have. The Komets — the real Komets — are off to Albany, N.Y. We’re just looking for a replacement now.
No sense in naming names or laying blame. It’s a done deal. Whether or not Fort Wayne is through as a hockey city
is something we’ll find out today.
If Stephen Franke gets the kind of lease agreement from Memorial Coliseum that would be financially acceptable, he will bring the Flint, Mich., franchise to Fort Wayne for the 1990-91 season.
If not, 38 years of hockey tradition has ended.
A few reflections from former Komets;
Eddie Long, 1952-1969 - “The franchise can move, the players can move, but it’s the fans who are going to get hurt.
‘I m curious to see how the coliseum is going to fill 41 dates from October through April.
“If it weren’t for hockey, I wouldn’t be here. That's what brought me to Fort Wayne 38 years ago.
The one thing I have are the good memories, and the
fans are mostly responsible for that.
“I feel that part of me is going with that franchise, along with my wife and my children. I guess it really hasn't hit me that hockey might not be here, maybe because we’re in baseball season, not hockey season. I guess it’ll hit around fall, when training camp opens.
If we don’t have a team, if things don’t work out, I guess that’s when it’ll hit me.”
Len Thomson, 1958-1969 — “I feel a little left out. I hate to see them go, but I don’t think they will. I think we’ll get something.
“With the franchise leaving, I guess you feel a little like Baltimore did when the Colts left. As long as we’ll have - another team, I think we’ll be OK.”
Ron Leef, 1983-1987 - I‘ll feel empty if there isn’t a team, but there's still a chance of having a team, isn’t there? The team owned by Ken UUyot and Colin Lister was, to me, the Komets. The ownership that’s been here the last four years doesn’t mean that much to me.”
Ted Wright, 1962-1970 - “I think it’s terrible. I think it’s unreal. Hockey has been in Fort Wayne for 38 years, and it’s hard to believe it could be gone.
“I think the IHL needs Fort Wayne. It’s centrally located, and Fort Wayne has always had a good team.”
Reggie Primeau, 1961-1970 — “I’ll be awfully disappointed if we don’t have a team. The club has brought in over $4 million to the community. A lot of those people are from the surrounding area. 
"I think the coliseum should give a little bit. I don’t know whether they’ve given everything they can....
“I think there would be a big part missing from my life if there’s no hockey. For so long, it was a part of my life.